Florida man arrested for teens death at dance party….Picture

Bragg 21, is being held without bond at the Hillsborough County Jail. He has denied firing any handgun. Florida police has charged Bragg with second-degree murder.There were app. 400 people at a rented hall, after midnight a fight erupted between rivals from another neighborhood. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office deputies recovered a 0.380-calibar handgun. 18 year old Lesha Washington was killed and Craig Thompson, 22 was the other victom.



Betty Ford, Dies at 93- Video

Betty Ford dies at the age of 93. She was married to Former President Gerald Ford, he died in the year 2006.
Betty Ford was in the Nations awareness of Women’s Right’s, Cancer, Alcoholism and Substance abuse- during and after her being stint of being First Lady.
The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Rancho Mirag, California, that bears her nname has become one of the renowned facilities of its kind in the United States.
Betty Ford, Tribute Service, 2:00 p.m.in Palm Desert , California.                      Michelle Obama will travel to services. 

Former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter will be one of the Eulogists. Journalists Cokie Roberts will join Carter in paying tribute to Betty Ford.

Former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, present Secretary of State will attend together.

Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan will also attend ceremony.

Former President George Bush, also will attend ceremony. Former Laura Bush will not attend ceremony, she has prior travel commitments.

Betty Ford, after ceremony, will be flown on Wednesday, to Michigan, to Grand Rapids, according to a website on Memorial Plans.

On Thursday, Betty Ford will have a Private Funeral Service, will be held at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids.

http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/07/12/betty.ford.services/index.html?hpt             Weblink to Betty Ford Tribute Ceremony.

Betty Ford Biography: National First Lady Libary.        www.firstladies.org/biographies/firstladies.aspx?biography=39

Betty Ford:        www.enwikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Ford

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Ryan Dunn Final Pictures- FATAL CRASH……..

Ryan Dunn, After downing at least 3 Beers and 3 shots in 4 HOURS. Around 2:38 a:m Ryan crashed killling himself and 30 year old Zackery Hartwell. A BRUTAL CRASH. The pictures are good to see of their final moments of life,  was of laughing and spending time with GREAT FRIENDS!!!

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Arizona fire still burning, VIDEO




http:www.az.gov/                 Arizona’s Official Site.

http:www.arizonaguide.com                       Arizona Tourism, Travel, Vacations, Arizona Office of Tourism.

http:www.kpho.com/wildfires/index.html/                 Detailed Information on Arizon’s Wilfire, Slideshow.

Relaxing the Day Away!!!

Over the Holiday, I went to Austin, Texas. W.J. III, Bear and I went hiking in the Balconies Wildlife Reserve. On that day it was extremely hot, the air was blowing through the leaves of the trees making the the bright sunshine seem delightful. As we walked around the rustic landscaping, the land, and the wild flowers were great to photograph. We found a stream along the way, the water felt cool to the touch. Bear, our 7 Month Lab, loved the water. He couldn’t wait for the water to touch his hot fur and sneak a drink. I was able to photograph several pictures of the stream and the trees that seemed to be there a lifetime. Every so often, we would stop under some trees and soak up the wind blowing through the branches, the breeze would scatter across our faces. We would all finally sit on the  ground or rocks. The hard earth would feel like a lousous leather couch for a moment. We would all sip on some water, it releaved our strength again. I layed on the ground and saw the clouds dancing around in the sky. For a moment it made think of when I was a child, looking into the sky and wondering what shapes were in the sky at that time, maybe a horse or a house. It was fun to relive the memories of childhood. We finally arrived at the top of the reserve. There was a wolf sleeping under the branches of a cedar tree. He awoke, lifting his body and ran to the other side of the wildlife reserve. My heartbeat finally relaxed. While we were walking in the wilderness, it made us think of Memorial Day. The Memories of our Veterans throughout the many Wars of Time. They will always be in our hearts and minds. Thinking of Shared meals together, walking along the oceanside or watching a movie together. The memorie of a Hug or kiss. As we walk down the paths of the reserve, I’m happy to know I have the LORD in my life. This is one of my Speacial Verses in the Bible, The Lord is my Sherpard; I shall not want…….This passage that I have read several times, it always lifts my spirits. Walking, talking and laughing as we hike down the wilderness trail. We relived Childhood Memories, thinking of the last time we spent time with our families or thinking of a stranger in need. I’m happy that I drove that 2 1/2 Hour drive to hike in the Balconies Wildlife Reserve. It made me feel uplifted and tired. Now I can see the shadow of the truck in the distance. It’s time to go home.

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Cell Phones may Cause CANCER, Video

There has been a study on cell phones. Cell phone usage has been linked to CANCER. You should hold the cell phone at lest 5/8 of an inch away from your ear. Scientists from 14 Countries and including the United States according to the World Health Organization, the team of scientists have found enough evidence to categorize personal exposure as “possibly carinogenic to humans”.
Go web link and read more on Cellphones may cause CANCER.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Getting Married

Dallas quarterback Tony Romo,31 and Candice Crawford,24, are getting married.
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Maria Shriver Hires An Private Investigator, Arnolds Infidelitiy

Maria Shriver,55 and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 63, Maria Shriver leaked to media her husbands Infidelty. He fathered a child with their house keeper. Their son is a pre teen. Maria found out the news in late April or early May. She has hired an Private investigator to see if Arnold has fathered anymore children through their marrige of 25 years and 4 children. They have a Jointworth of $200-400 Million.
Can they still FIND HAPPINESS???

Nasa, The Final Space Mission Endeavor, Video

Kennedy Space Center, Florida, The Space Shuttle Endeavor lifted off on its LAST mission Monday Morning. Endeavor entered service in 1992 as a replacement for the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger.

More coverage on Endeavor, GO to the web link below.


Space Photos:         www.stocktrekimages.com

Facts:          www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/shuttl/